International Solar Energy Society Joins IEA SHC
The IEA SHC Programme welcomes the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) as its newest Sponsor member.
Posted: 2016-05-16

Harmonizing Hashtags in Your Posts
Three major solar heating and cooling institutions – the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF), the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) and – have started a campaign to harmonize SHC hashtags on social media.
Posted: 2016-05-12

SHC2015: “Participants were very confident about the future of solar thermal”
Yesilata was the scientific chair of the international solar thermal conference SHC2015, which took place in Istanbul at the beginning of December 2015. spoke with him about the challenges and the highlights of the conference.
Posted: 2016-03-04

ISES Joins SHC as a New Sponsor Member
The International Solar Energy Society (ISES) has joined the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme as a Sponsor member with Dr. David Renne as the ExCo member and Jenny Macintosh as the ExCo alternate.
Posted: 2016-02-22

Germany: One Week, Three Global Solar Certification and Standardisation Meetings in Berlin
Between 8 and 11 March, Berlin will be the venue of choice for standard and certification experts from all corners of the globe.
Posted: 2016-02-19

Solar Heating & Cooling Technology News & Trends
The International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry, SHC 2015, in Istanbul brought together 233 researchers, industry specialists and other experts on solar heating and cooling. To capture some of the conference highlights videotaped 14 interviews. The videos were jointly financed by the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling (IEA SHC) Programme and the European Copper Association. They are available for download on the IEA SHC website, and the YouTube channel.
Posted: 2016-02-04

IEA SHC: 20 Country Profile Analyse Market and Industry Development
The country portraits deliver a comprehensive view on the market, including latest sales volumes, an analysis of major market drivers and barriers, a view into the national supply chain, some figures on system costs and political frame conditions, as well as a chapter on current innovations in the solar heating and cooling industry. The following text includes some of the figures from the UK country portrait and the latest statistics on the Domestic RHI delivered by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority, Ofgem.
Posted: 2015-09-03

Position Paper: Actions Needed to Pave Way for Net Zero Energy Buildings
Whether newly built or retrofitted, whether office building or single-family home - all types of premises can become NetZEBs. Still, the position paper considers low-energy single-family homes and low-rise buildings in moderate climate zones to be the most feasible building type to fulfil net zero-energy standards. Despite the term incorporating several design ideas, the international research community did agree on one precise definition stating that a NetZEB is a building that “achieves an annual balance of energy supply and demand economically through interactions with electricity grids or other utilities, such as community energy systems.” The impact on the grid should be minimised, but can be used to reduce the costs of expensive thermal or electric storage systems which balance seasonal and daily variations of demand and supply.
Posted: 2015-08-03

SHC Posts New Position Paper on Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications
The IEA SHC Position Paper on Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications is now online. This position paper describes the current state of the art for polymeric materials in solar thermal applications, shows the potential of polymers in solar thermal applications, and encourages further R&D activities.
Posted: 2015-07-16

SHC 2014 Conference Proceedings Available Online
Energy Procedia has published our SHC 2014 conference proceedings. Download for free over 90 papers.
Posted: 2015-06-11

IEA SHC Solar Heat Worldwide - 2015 Edition!
Annual collector yield of all systems in operation by the end of 2013 was 314 TWh (= 1,129 PJ). This equals an energy savings equivalent of 33.7 million tons of oil and 109 million tons of CO2...
Posted: 2015-06-04

SHC 2014 Annual Report is Now Online
I’m happy to report that the SHC 2014 Annual Report is now available online. Please have a look. The Feature Article is on Non-Residential Solar Building Renovation: The Potential, Opportunities and Barriers.
Posted: 2015-05-28

SHC Book Series
IEA SHC Programme is collaborating with Wiley to publish a book series on a diverse array of solar heating and cooling topics. Order books here.
Posted: 2015-05-26

IEA SHC Partnering with ISO TC 180 Solar Energy
This liaison creates a clear path for IEA SHC results to be implemented in ISO standards. “Measuring the solar resources available for solar applications is an important goal of this partnership,” says Ms. Erandi Chandrasekare, Secretary of ISO TC180 “As well as improving the performance of solar heating and cooling systems by standardizing the measurements of performance, reliability and durability.”
Posted: 2015-05-26

Collection of Solar Energy and Architecture Case Studies
A free online database of 50 projects from 11 countries highlights how active and passive solar can decrease energy demand and enhance a building's architectural quality.
Posted: 2015-05-26

Solar Update May 2015 Now Online
The latest issue of the IEA SHC Programme’s newsletter, Solar Update is now online. This issue has articles covering a variety to topics ranging from the SHC 2015 Conference, Turkey, Lighting Retrofit, Process Heat Integration, Task 47, Task 40, Netherlands, SHC Book Series, ISO Partnerships, and New Publications.
Posted: 2015-05-18

Solar Update October 2014 Now Online
The latest issue of the IEA SHC Programme’s newsletter, Solar Update is now online. This issue has articles covering a variety to topics ranging from the SHC 2014 Conference, Solar Award, Solar Cooling, Solar + Heat Pumps, Urban Planning, Global Certification and more.
Posted: 2014-10-29

International Award to Pioneering French Solar Municipality
13 October 2014, Beijing. The International Energy Agency Solar Heating Programme (IEA SHC) presented its 2014 SHC SOLAR AWARD to the City of Montmélian, now officially called Montmélian la Solaire, which has been a solar thermal pioneer for more than 30 years. The Mayor, Mrs. Béatrice Santais, received the award on behalf of city at the International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry in Beijing, China.
Posted: 2014-10-14

New Solar Cooling Book Published
New books on solar cooling demonstrate how solar cooling technology is being applied and highlights results from the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme’s work in this field (SHC Task 48: Quality Assurance & Support Measures for Solar Cooling Systems. The book “Solar Cooling: The Earthscan Expert Guide to Solar Cooling Systems“ was published on June 25.
Posted: 2014-09-03

2014 Video Competition for Solar Thermal Researchers’s second video competition for solar thermal researchers (supported by ESTIF and EUREC Agency) is underway, which is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your work.
Posted: 2014-08-25

Press Release: Solar Heating Saves Over 79 Million Tons of CO2 Annually
Gleisdorf, Austria 8 July 2014. The International Energy Agency, Solar Heating and Cooling Programme (IEA SHC) released their latest statistics on worldwide solar heating and cooling. With a growth of 9.4% in 2012, the installed capacity of solar collectors reached 269 GWth. The collectors provided 228 TWh of solar thermal energy, thus saving 79 million tons of CO2 emissions.
Posted: 2014-07-08

IEA SHC Programme Elects Australian Ken Guthrie as Chairman
10 June 2014. Australian sustainable energy expert, Ken Guthrie, has been elected Chair of the Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency’s Solar Heating and Cooling Program (IEA SHC) for the next two years.
Posted: 2014-06-10

Solar Update February 2014 Now Online
The latest issue of the IEA SHC Programme’s newsletter, Solar Update is now online. This issue has articles covering a variety to topics ranging from solar thermal activities in Canada to lighting retrofits to SHC publications to download and read.
Posted: 2014-02-06

World’s Largest Solar District Heating Plant Begins Operation in February
Dronninglund Solar District Heating Plant in Denmark is now established: 37,000 m² collectors (26 MWth) and 60,000 m3 seasonal storage.
Posted: 2014-02-01

Press Release: SHC 2013 ends on a high note: Solar heating and cooling has big role to play in buildings and industry
SHC 2013, the 2nd International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry ended today in Freiburg, Germany.
Posted: 2013-09-26

Press Release: SHC SOLAR AWARD 2013 to Drake Landing Company – 52 homes heated with 98% solar
24 September 2013. The IEA Solar Heating Programme (IEA SHC) has presented its 2013 SHC SOLAR AWARD to the Drake Landing Company from Canada, comprised of four organizations – United Communities (developer), Sterling Homes (builder), ATCO Gas (utility), and the Town of Okotoks (municipality)...
Posted: 2013-09-23

Press Release: SHC 2013 opens: Solar Heating and Cooling takes centre stage at international conference in Freiburg, Germany
SHC 2013, the 2nd International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry opens today in Freiburg, Germany.
Posted: 2013-09-22

Press Release: Fraunhofer ISE Showcases Product Innovations at Exhibition
An exhibition taking place in front of the Congress Center Concert Hall in Freiburg between September 23 and 25 unveils how solar collectors manufactured from plastic may look in the future.
Posted: 2013-09-18

Press Release: Solar Thermal Energy Week in Germany’s Black Forest
This September, Germany’s Black Forest will be the top spot for solar thermal experts from all around the world...
Posted: 2013-07-15

Solar Award Nominations Due April 1
Don't miss the deadline to submit your nominations for the 2013 Solar Award.
Posted: 2013-03-27

12 April 2013: Australian Solar Cooling 2013 Conference
15 March 2013. The Australian Solar Cooling Interest Group (ausSCIG) supported by the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Airconditioning and Heating (AIRAH) will hold its 2013 solar cooling conference at CSIRO’s North Ryde Auditorium on Friday April 12, 2013.
Posted: 2013-03-19

SHC Solar Award 2013 - Call for Nomination
For over 30 years, the International Energy Agency’s Solar Heating & Cooling (SHC) Programme has worked to expand the use of solar energy for heating and cooling.
Posted: 2013-02-14