Country Report - Denmark

Status of Solar Heating/Cooling and Solar Buildings - 2018

Status of the Market for Solar Thermal Systems

Market Size and Trends

The market for large solar systems for district heating has been growing very fast the last 5 years - in 2016 more than 500 000 m² (350 MW) was installed - and perspectives are good for the comming years althoug only less thah 50 000 m² was installed in 2017.

The market for individual systems has been on a low level approx. 5 - 10 MW/year the last 5 years - with a tendency to a decreasing market.

Typical Applications and Products

The typical applications are:

  • district heating (5 000 - 150 000 m²)
  • domestic hot water in one family houses (3 - 6 m²)
  • domestic hot water in institutions (20 - 2 000 m²)

Main Market Drivers

For the large systems for district heating the main market drivers are the relatively low and stable solar heat price. Heat from large solar fields is competitive with heat price of gas and some kinds of biomass.

The small systems are not as competitive as the large systems - and during the last years people seem much more interested in PV systems.


Main manufacturers:

  • ARCON/SUNMARK Solar: Large collector modules and systems for district heating and industrial applications (low export)
  • Aalborg CSP: Large CSP modules and systems for disrict heating, industrial applications and electricity production (some export)
  • SolarVenti: Airheating collectors / systems


The estimated employment related to the production and installation of solar heating systems in the record year 2016 is approximately 1300 full time jobs. [according to calculation method given in Fakta om Solvarme, faktablad G07].

On average it would be 500 - 600.


Costs of large systems for district heating:
Collector field installed including piping in the field, heat exchangers, pumps, control, etc. 225 €/m² excluding VAT

Costs of individual systems:
Small domestic hot water system for individual houses, 4 m² collector:  3 500 € including 25% VAT. The price is the additional price to install a solar water heater instead of a conventional water heater. [Fakta om Solvarme, faktablad G09a].

Medium size hot water system for (e.g., institutions) 100 m² collector:  42 000 € (420 €/m²) excluding VAT. The price is the additional price to install a solar water heater instead of a conventional water heater. [Fakta om Solvarme, faktablad G09a].

R&D Activities

R&D Programmes

EUDP is a general support programme for new and effective energy technologies - annual budget 2018 is 400 mio DKK.

R&D Infrastructure

R&D Institutions
Institution Type of Institution Relevant Research Areas IEA SHC Involvement Website
EUDP Public Energy savings / renewable energy 44, 45

Actual Innovations

The innovative trend right now in Denmark is large scale solar district heating systems (up to 150 000 m²) with seasonal storage (up to 200 000 m3) - and in some cases combined with large heat pumps.

Support Framework


Danish Climate and Energy Policy:

The long-term goal for Danish energy policy is clear: the entire energy supply – electricity, heating, industry and transport – is to be covered by renewable energy by 2050.

In March 2012 a historic new Energy Agreement was reached in Denmark. The Agreement contains a wide range of ambitious initiatives, bringing Denmark a good step closer to the target of 100% renewable energy in the energy and transport sectors by 2050.


Government Agencies Responsible for Solar Thermal, for Solar Building Activities

Danish Energy Agency:

Most Important Public Support Measure(s) for Solar Thermal and for Solar Buildings

  • Financial support schemes: Minor support to energy savings (incl. solar) in district heating
  • (Building) regulation: Solar thermal counts in the calculation of the energy performance of new buildings and major renovations; these have to fulfil strict requirements for energy use
  • RD&D Funding: EUDP
  • Quality control:
    1. Installers can join voluntary certification schemes for solar thermal installers: KSO ( and VE Godkendelsesordningen (
    2. Most large systems are sold with a guarantied power performance

Information Resources

National Solar Associations (industry and non-industry)

At the moment there is no national solar thermal association in Denmark.