SHC Solar Academy


The SHC Solar Academy is the latest effort by the IEA SHC Programme to share it’s work and support R&D and implementation of solar heating and cooling projects worldwide.  

We hope that you will take advantage of one or more of the Academy’s activities.

  • Webinars by IEA SHC experts on specific results and tools and hosted by ISES.

Webinar #1 – Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings on March 21st at 14.00 GMT

Webinar #2 – Solar Heat for Industrial Processes on June 28th (time to be confirmed)


  • Videos highlighting our work and other relevant issues.  The first video package (11 videos) showcases presentations from Qatar’s Green Expo held November 2016 in Doha. The speakers discuss our current projects and how IEA SHC is supporting solar thermal in the MENA region.


  • National Days held in conjunction with IEA SHC meetings are country specific events for the exchange of information between national experts and IEA SHC experts.


  • Onsite training by IEA SHC experts is offered by request in IEA SHC member countries.