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Task 45 Highlights 2014 Task 45 Highlights 2014
February 2015 - PDF 0.49MB
Large solar heating and cooling systems are very cost effective in some applications, for example supplying heat to an existing district heating system. The market for “Solar District Heating Systems” is developing fast in northern Europe as well as in China – and has big potential in other places. Use of seasonal storage and heat pumps makes it possible to obtain a high solar fraction (> 50%) and to interact with and level out dynamics in the electricity grid (these dynamics are increasing due to increased supply from wind turbines and PV systems). Solar district heating systems are getting rather large (a 50 MW solar collector field with a 200,000 m3 water pit storage in Denmark will begin operation in the spring of 2015).
A Booming Market for Solar District Heating A Booming Market for Solar District Heating
Opportunities and Challenges
October 2014 - PDF 2.91MB
By: Jan Erik Nielsen
Presentation at SHC 2014
SHC Task 45 Fact Sheets - Overview SHC Task 45 Fact Sheets - Overview
April 2014 - PDF 0.26MB
By: Jan Erik Nielsen, PlanEnergi
IEA-SHC Task 45 has published a number of “FACT SHEETS”. There are two types of fact sheet:

INFO SHEET: A one page introduction and summary of the technical topic
TECH SHEETS: A detailed multipage technical report/guideline dealing with the topic in detail
Design Handbook Design Handbook
Installation, Commissioning and Operation of Large Scale Solar Thermal Plants
December 2012 - PDF 1.66MB
By: Anna Katharina Provasnek and Sabine Putz, S.O.L.I.D., Austria
This handbook aims to provide guidance in designing best practice, large-scale solar thermal systems, geothermal heat pump systems and hybrid district heating systems. It addresses common design issues, operation and financing issues. The final chapter gives examples for successfully constructed plants.
Task 45 Highlights 2011 Task 45 Highlights 2011
December 2011 - PDF 0.9MB
By: Jan Erik Nielsen
- Growing interest on “Smart District Heating”
- Price winner: Towards 100 % solar fraction in Canada
- Low solar heat production costs from large systems: 30 - 40 €/MWh