D1+D2 System Categorisation & Database of installations

Applications of Large Solar Thermal Systems
May 2013 - PDF 1.01MB
Solar thermal systems use free energy from the sun (solar radiation) to produce useful heat in a first instance. The solar radiation which is received on the earth plane is called "global radiation", which is made up of direct and diffuse radiation. Depending on the type of collector, in addition to the direct radiation it is also possible to use the diffuse radiation.
Market Overview
May 2013 - PDF 0.69MB
Within the TASK45 Program, data from worldwide Large Scale Solar Thermal Plants were collected and summarized in Subtask C. This provides a market overview, reflects the market´s development within the last 30 years and shows opportunities for further growth and country specific potential for implementing Large Scale Solar Thermal Plants.
System Database (detailed)
April 2013 - XLS 4.28MB