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Task 35 - PV/Thermal Systems

A Review of PV Solar Thermal and Thermal Collector Models in TRNSYS
November 2009 - PDF 0.96MB
By: Mike Collins, University of Waterloo, Canada
This report assesses availability of PV and Solar Thermal system models. it is intended as a reference for those developing new models.
Document Number: DB1-A
Instructions for Installing and Using the Downloadable Model Package in TRNSYS
November 2009 - PDF 0.96MB
By: Mike Collins, University of Waterloo, Canada and Veronique Delisle, CANMET Energy Technology Centre
This document describes the new models and the modifications made to existing models, and provides instructions for installing the models contained in the downloadable package.The TRNSYS package is required to use these models. A simplified stand-alone package can be downloaded under Task 35 publications.
Document Number: DB3-1
November 2009 - Posted: 4/30/2012
Document Number: DB3-2
Recommended Standard for the Characterization and Monitoring of PV/Thermal Systems
November 2009 - PDF 0.92MB
By: Mike Collins, University of Waterloo, Canada and Herbert Zondag, ECN, Netherlands
This report covers the proposed practice to characterize and monitor PV/Thermal systems, and identifies and addresses the gaps that currently exist in characterization and monitoring activities.It details schemes for flat-plate style thermal collectors, but not PV/Thermal systems based on concentrating collectors.
Document Number: DB-2
Outcome of PVT Market Survey Interviews
July 2008 - PDF 0.33MB
Editor: Joakim Byström, Priono AB
Summary of 65 interviews conducted in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Spain and Sweden.
Document Number: DA1-2
Report on the TRYNSYS/TRNSED Simulation Tool
July 2008 - PDF 0.92MB
By: Bengt Perers, Technical University of Denmark and Björn Karlsson, Lund University, Sweden
Document Number: DB3-2
PV/Thermal System Simulation Tool
January 2008 - Posted: 4/30/2012
Document Number: DB3-2
Market, Modeling, Testing and Demonstration in the Framework of IEA SHC Task 35 on PV/Thermal Solar Systems
September 2007 - PDF 0.57MB
By: J. Hansen, H. Sorensen, J. Bystrom, M. Collins & B. Karlsson
Paper from the 22nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, September 3-7, 2007 in Milan, Italy
Document Number: DE2-5
Measurement Report - Test of PVT Module SolarWall PVT
June 2007 - PDF 1.06MB
By: Ivan Katic, Danish Technological Institute
Overview of PV/Thermal Solar System Products and Projects
January 2007 - XLS 1.28MB
Measurement Report - Test of PV/T Module "PVtwin"
December 2006 - PDF 1.18MB
By: Ivan Katic, Danish Technological Institute
Report covers measurements taken at the Danish Technological Institute's outdoor test facility in Taastrup, Denmark in the period June-September 2006. The results are valid for the tested prototype exclusively.
Document Number: DC4-1
PV/T Collectors: Technologies Combine to Increase Output
December 2006 - PDF 0.13MB
Article published in the IEA SHC Solar Update Newsletter, December 2006.
Document Number: DE2-4
IEA SHC Task 35 PV/Thermal Solar Systems
August 2006 - PDF 0.15MB
By: J. Hansen & H. Sorensen
Paper on Task 35 and PV/Thermal Solar Systems from the World Renewable Energy Congress on August 19-25, 2006 in Firenze, Italy.
Document Number: DE2-3
Commercially Available PV/T Products
July 2006 - PDF 1.16MB
By: H. A. Zondag
This document is an overview of commercially available PV/T products.
Document Number: DA2-1
PV/Thermische Solaranlagen
Stand der Entwicklungen in der IEA Task 35
February 2006 - PDF 0.21MB
By: Von Jan Hansen and Henrik Sorensen
Article (in German) on Task 35 and PV/Thermal Solar Systems published in the Austrian Journal "erneuerbare energie".
Document Number: DE2-2
Task 35 Flyer
Document Number: DE3-1