Collaborative programs in the various energy technology areas are conducted under Implementing Agreements, which are signed by contracting parties (government agencies or entities designated by them). There are currently over 40 Implementing Agreements covering fossil fuel technologies, renewable energy technologies, efficient energy end-use technologies, nuclear fusion science and technology, and energy technology information centers.

The Solar Heating and Cooling Programme was one of the first IEA Implementing Agreements to be established. Since 1977, its members have been collaborating to advance active solar, passive solar and photovoltaic technologies and their application in buildings.

The following countries are participants in the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme.  Click on country name for more information on each country:

Australia Austrailia Germany German Flag South Africa File:Flag of South Africa.svg
Austria Italy Italian Flag Spain
Belgium Mexico  Mexican Flag Sweden
Netherlands Netherlands Flag Switzerland
China Norway Turkey Turkey
Denmark Portugal United Kingdom
France French Flag Singapore Singapore