Combining multi-view photogrammetry and wireless sensor networks when modelling the hygrothermal behaviour of heritage buildings

September 2018 - Posted: 4/22/2020

The construction sector has now entered the ‘Digital era’, and professionals are slowly getting familiar with many of these innovative technologies. This paper shows how such innovations improve the investigation phase when it comes to energy retrofits on heritage buildings. More specifically, multi-view photogrammetry and wireless sensor networks can facilitate the implementation and enhance the relevance of building hygrothermal and energy simulations: photogrammetry quickens up the reproduction of the building geometry whereas wireless sensor networks facilitate and enlarge the collection of data relative to the existing behaviour of an occupied building. This paper explores the benefits of using those two technologies compared to more traditional solutions, regarding data quality and general workflow. In this purpose, two case studies from research projects ongoing in Belgium are briefly described.

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By: S. Dubois, M. de Bouw, Y. Vanhellemont, D. Stiernon and S. Trachte
Publisher: EEHB 2018